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More About Me


University of Phoenix

DBM 2012 - 2014.
During my doctorate program I learned allot about myself and the ethics of business, the importance of integrity, and how ingrained my work ethic is. Upon giving my first year residency speach I received a standing ovation and invitations to speak at schools to encourage our youth to follow the path of a doctoral learner and accept the oath we hopeful scholars pledge.

University of Phoenix

Marketing Certificate 2011.
This one year course reinforced my knowledge of marketing and opened my perspective to new processes that are relevant in today's technological and ever growing global market place. Graduating with a 3.8 GPA and several commendations for my contributions, insights, vision, and leadership qualities I was inspired to create a marketing plan for The Kung Fu Kittens.

University of Phoenix

MBA 2008-2011.
I absolutely loved every moment I was in this program and my 3.7 GPA helped reveal that. I learned so much about myself, my knack for business, in which I have had a couple successful ventures, and naturally upholding our Oath. The program opened me up to a wide range of knowledge that I put into practice everyday either in the workplace or in my daily life. Tthese practices lead to a $20,000 raise.

Art Institute of Los Angeles/California

Bachelor's of Science 2001- 2004.
I focused on Multimedia Design. I chose this program because of the wide range of knowledge it offered. Web Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Video and Sound Editing, Animation, Flash Animation, Action scripting, Game Design (low level), Typography, and many other artistic ventures. I created my own company after a three stint with a web company that managed Fortune 500 Companies after they closed their doors.

Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale

Associates in Animation 1997 - 1999.
One of my earliest dreams other than being a professional baseball player was to write, direct, and animate movies. During my time at AIFL I was working high-rise construction a very high stress level job, so I found solace in the work school offered. Unfortunately I did not complete the program and moved to the west coast of Florida following my construction job.

School of Life

I started drawing at a young age. I wrote my fist children's book in 5th grade and have been learning from various artist ever since. I took Commercial Art in High School and landed quite a few freelance gigs while learning Commercial Art. I've attended several Community Colleges for art/design as well as psychology, sociology, and art history. I apply this knowledge with all artistic ventures, society, and how they influence consumers within national and global markets.

"Shane is our go-to guy. When we need something done quickly and done right there is no else we would rather call to deliver quality work." - David Callahan, CEO