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Mike and Molly

Mike and Molly living room build for front facing marquee.

Ram Truck Contest

49th ACM Awards win a Ram Truck Marquee for CBSi website.

Live Chat

Nia Long Live on The Talk.
Background, Lighting, Retouching


Friends with Better Lives Production Art Marquee for CBSi website.

Live Chat

Sasha Alexander Live on The Talk.
Background, Lighting, Retouching

The McCarthy's

Full Process Production Art with Project Detials

48 Hours

Nelson Mandela, Father of a Nation Special

Live Chat

Steven Tyler visits The Talk. Background and retouching.

The Millers

The Millers Carol's Surprise episode Full Process Marquee.

CBS Sync

Sell Up Marquee for CBS Sync. Smart Object images for easy swaps.


Full process production art for NCIS:NO.


The Mentalist, Who is Red John Special.

Live Chat

Arsenio Hall, Cut out, added background and on-stage look.

Rachuel Welch

Cut image, size, adjust lighting, tones, and hair. Create background.


Build out and reconstruct the kitchen.

Live Chat

Sell Up Marquee for B&B and YR Crossover.

Big Brother

Cut out and place contestants. Flush out hair, and add depth.

Taye Diggs

Cut, adjust tones, add lighting, and create background.


The Big Bang Theory living room pieced together, cloned and painted.

Live Chat

Neil Patrick Harris on The Talk. Cut, add flare to award, and background.


Crop, clone, paint elements, match brightness.

B & B

The Bold and the Beautiful watch and win sweepstakes.

The Crazy Ones

Sell Up Marquee for Simon Says Interactive Soundboard.


Production Art Marquee for CBSi website.