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First, here are a few things about me. I am an avid movie fan, especially horror movies, and admire all forms of media. I am a writer of songs, short stories, and movies. Painting, illustrating, are true passions and love editing film and sound to create a story. Laid back and a bit of a throwback would be an understatement though I love the challenge of a fast paced environment. My experience has taught me allot about leadership, working in a team, and a motivated self-starter with an astounding work ethic. Baseball, basketball, and beach volleyball are my favorite sports including gymnastics, though you won’t see me doing back flips. You'll even catch me watching curling and the World's Strongest Man contests.
All forms of music are inspirational as well as motivational. I absolutely love kung fu movies especially old Shaw Brothers movies and if they include training in them all the better. Diversity, culture, and learning, teaching and sharing knowledge and experiences are fundamentally ingrained as my belief in a fair equal path to bettering the world. Overall, I am insightful, conceptual, and have a entrepreneurial visionary trait that compliments some of my more complex sides. I love to smile though I don’t do it often yet it doesn't mean I am not smiling on the inside. I take life and my job/career seriously yet find it important to move past the things that may hinder most and assist those who may be less able to do so.

The Journey

Hailing from the Greater Detroit area Shane LV I began my professional career at the age of 19. Taking what I learned working all-phase construction with my father I expanded on my own and created my own construction company. I started walking door-to-door advertising marketing myself and my skills and slowly built from there and by my third year in business my partner and I cleared nearly one million in billable work. We had contracts with Sears, Mr. Build, Hanson’s Windows and Glass, American Window and Glass, as well as our own clientele.

I started my artistic ventures at an early age learning from ‘How To’ books about the figure, animals, and buildings. I wrote my first children’s book in 5th grade coming in 2nd place in a school competition. I continued to draw and write mostly portraitures, fine art, murals, and short stories. High School introduced me to Commercial Art and the constructs of layout, composition, typography and print. Implementing this knowledge I create marketing collateral for our construction business and boosted our brand. Feeling the wear of construction and realizing I was missing out on my dreams I sold my share and moved to Florida to attend college for animation.

Soon, I found myself under the hot Florida sun enrolled at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for Animation. It was here I was first introduced to Adobe products and various elements of art that I immediately took too. To make ends meet I worked for R.C. Aluminum as a glazier in high-rise construction for million dollar condos. During my time I found myself homeless sleeping in my car while going to school and working full-time until the company put me up in an apartment until we moved to the west coast where the next set of building were being developed. I took them up on their offer, left school just shy of completing my Associates in Animation.

Immediately I enrolled in Community College and started to work toward my degree again as most of my credits did not transfer, and despite that it was less expensive than Ringling School of Art and Design. Several of the faculty took to me and my artistic ventures in animation, creative writing, and music. I learned a great deal from many talented artists and allot about myself and my innate leadership qualities. It was at this moment I was invited to move to California and intern at an exhibit house in San Diego. Naturally I leaped at the chance, packed a bag of clothes, jumped on a bus, and 5 days later I was in Sand Diego.

Arriving in San Diego where I was welcomed with a new computer, several books on digital art and HTML/CSS coding, and guides for animation in Flash as well as Director. My passion grew stronger, broader, and further than ever before as I was opened up to a new medium that would make my love for art and movies a reality. Seeking to further my education and achieve my degree I discovered The Art Institute of Los Angeles/California where I entered the Bachelors of Science in Multimedia/Web Design. What I loved most about the program is I was able to learn allot of different media elements that would one day bring my vision to fruition in an interactive environment. Channeling my passion for movies and animation I learned Web Design, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Sound Design, and Animation. I adapted my years of psychology and sociology to these new design principles making myself a valuable asset in the media world.

Within my first week of school I took an internship at netCBC and within the first three months was on the payroll. Starting out at the bottom and putting his telemarketing skills to use he worked at netCBC for nearly three years until becoming a principle designer. The business closed it’s doors at the end of my third year and that is when I met the owner of Headline Media. He explained his company was struggling and needed someone quickly to get his business back on track. Sensing my knack for business I created my own business and a rewards program and helped his business grow 40% within a year and mine to get off the ground. Soon, I was managing an average of 50 clients a month. Despite the growing business and the success of my own media company I didn’t feel fulfilled so I entered the MBA program at The University of Phoenix.

The success of my business and brand allowed me to enter the MBA program. During the program I learned so much about myself, about national and global business, ethics, values, and leadership. I graduated with a 3.8% GPA and received commendations for my business plans, vision, and comprehension of the business world. During this time I began freelancing at Creative Circle for various big brands throughout Los Angeles such as; Dentsu Interactive, Trailer Park, thirty-60. After graduating with my MBA I wanted to create a Marketing Plan to accompany the Business Plan I created for my Kung Fu Kittens, a lifelong dream that had taken me on this journey.

I received top marks for my Marketing Certificate and noticed that companies I had been following and creating forecasts for in class ended up doing most everything I predicted. This was illuminating and fueled my desire to become part of a company where I could share a common vision and mission. Though after all of these years of school I needed a break so I continued with my own clients and freelancing with Creative Circle to recuperate but the longing to learn kept calling. Enter, Doctorate for Business Management and an assignment at CBSinteractive. CBSi, loved my work and my work ethic, in fact I have become known for making the impossible possible and after a year and a half I was given a $20,000 raise. I immediately began to put my learning into action and discovered that it was time to find a more suitable company a vision and mission that coincided with mine. Now I am back in action and looking forward to applying my knowledge, wisdom, skills, and vision too your company inspiring greatness and sustainability.

"Shane is our go-to guy. When we need something done quickly and done right there is no else we would rather call to deliver quality work."

David Callahan, CEO

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