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User Experience (UX) is more important than ever with the advent of different devices, diverse age groups (younger users than ever), and more in-depth games and interactive sites the UX designer is an intricate part of development. A UX designer must get inside the user's mind, understand how they will use the site/App, make the experience enjoyable and flawless. Many hats are worn by a UX Designer such as; interaction designer, information architect, user research,business analysis, copywriter, and visual designer. The UX Design takes a unified approach combining both the user (client) and the team (Companies Expectations) working concept through completion meeting expectations, analyzing feedback in an explorative, open, engaging, and fun manner. And it is crucial the UX Designer listens, learns, shares, and creates trust with all parties including the customers.

Tamagotchi Interactive

View Process | Play Flash Game Tamagotchi Connection was an interactive game that came with products and included 4 games, Video Shorts, Wallpapers, Screen Savers, and links to Tamatown and Tamagotchi's main site.
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Bandai Power Rangers Jungle Fury

I was involved in concept, animation, graphic design, production art, usability, storyboarding, QA, and some light coding. The mini-map would guide the to hot spots triggering a transition to various pages and an eCom store.
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Kung Fu Kittens Interactive Site

The Kung Fu Kittens Interactive Website is designed to take the user through an experience in Maomiville, home of the Kung Fu Kittens, A.K.A. Wushu Whiskers. Interactive Virtual World, toy line, graphic novel, and animated feature/series.
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Novitar: Interactive Guitar Instruction

Novitar won me best Computer Based Training (CBT) award. Novitar was created to help teach novice guitar players chords, scales, a few beats to practice with, while taking quizzes about the guitar, its parts, chords, scales, and more.
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UX Process

User Experience (UX) process is extensive and involves requirement gathering, conceptualization, prototyping, user research, iteration, layout, the interface, visual design, text, brand, sound, and interaction. UX is coordinating these elements to make the best possible interaction by users.
Questions a UX Design should ask:

The journey continues:
  • Competitor Examination
    • Layout
    • Tone of voice
    • Functionality
    • Visual Style
    • Offerings
    • Differentiate from competitor