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Powerpoint presentations can be fun, informative, and a great way to convey your message as well as carry a meeting. Adding music, animated charts and graphs, and using key notes are all great elements that will engage your audience and keep you the presenter on target with your speech. I have included a few random examples of Powerpoint presentations from over the years from my time in my MBA, and Marketing courses, for a web client, and a friend that needed help animating and adding music. The information within the .ppt's from my MBA and Marketing courses will also give you a perspective of my knowledge in these fields.

Exotic Smokes

Exotic Smokes was an assignment to evaluate consumer perceptions and various ways to counter the negative perceptions of flavored cigarettes creating a socially responsible image for ESCC for entering the national and global marketplace.
I explored Focus on Consumer Behavior and Consumer Environments, Reaching Respective Demographics and Narrow the Target Market, Evaluate, Gain Perspective, and Identify Possible Risks, Scope, Sample Data, Distribution Analysis, Customer Lists, Surveys and Survey Analysis, and Interviews, Evaluate Professional and Technical Cost.
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Smart Cart

My team and I were asked at analyzing an emerging technology applying the 7 C's of ecommerce, Concept, Context, Community, Customization, Communication, Connection, and Commerce and create a proposal for a website/logo that would link to the Smart Cart. I designed a mock website that would sync an APP to SK Telecom's PC-equipped shopping cart "Smart Cart" tablet. The Smart Cart will link from the parent site where users can log in and plan their shopping list, store their recent purchases, allow users to browse all items available as well as coupons from various partnering stores. The site allows the user to customize the site, select topics of interest, quick purchase from the recent/most purchased items, as well as a store selector, and a coupon code for special offers.
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Sesame Street Global Entry Strategy

Sesame Street is a big seller in China. Tasked with creating a Global Entry Strategy I had to evaluate the countries economic history, methods of approach and communication, methods of Indirect/Direct Exporting, licensing issues such as tariffs franchising, and competition. An analysis of a strategic alliance via distribution, manufacturing, R&D and joint ventures were also conducted. Questions about potential barriers such as cultural differences, buyer behaviors, pricing, currency policies, government regulations and involvement, and the risk of investment climate were examined and addressed as well as alternative methods of entry. Alternate methods in technology partnerships, strategic relations, indirect licensing, and product differentiation were also researched. In close, a SWOT analysis was conducted base don relative information to determine risks, rewards, strengths and weaknesses to substantiate Sesame Street making a move to the Chinese Marketplace.
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Dave Chihuly Animated Presentation

A friend of mine asked me to assist with animating her presentation on Dave Chihuly. I added the ability for music and roughed in the animation so she could get a feel on how to do it herself. Overall the presentation went over very well once finalized.
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I was tasked with creating a Media Plan for a company of my choosing and since I am an avid movie fan as well as writer, I selected Lionsgate one of my favorite movie companies. Allot of research went into this assignment not only for class but for personal knowledge a well as I hoped to work there one day. I started with who Lionsgate is and developed a plan to expand their brand and decision-making process. Selecting an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) to involve a brand’s promotional efforts and a brand’s efforts and combine them into a concise sustainable goal. IMC entails various promotional vehicles. Message Strategy, Message Execution, by creating a Short Film Contest to expand brand awareness as well as discover new talent were created. Then the creative process had to be established combining their strengths to gain a greater consumer awareness. A creative message to gain consumer appeal through different media vehicles and into motion via the five point media marking strategy would utilize outlets such as; takeovers on YouTube, direct marketing, advertising, packaging design, and event and sponsorships of well formed brands. In close, Lionsgate is well on the way to becoming the largest entertainment company in the world.
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PGS Science Pharm

PGS Global Science Pharma Animated IMC Presentation. The goal of the presentation was to identify why an IMC plan would benefit PGS. First research on the company was done. Then we covered the brand-building process, the benefits of an IMC to build the brand, identify the main stakeholders, how to gain their interests, and introduce branding ideas.
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Millennium Tire

Millennium Tire a world leader in polyurethane products tasked me to animate a product presentation. View Presentation